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Summertime Saga APK Characters Comparison: Which One is Your Favorite?

Summertime Saga features many locations which unlock as you play the game and have different characters and activities linked to them. This page details how to unlock each place as well as what you can do there.

summertime saga apk characters

Summertime Saga Apk is popular on Android because of the adventurous nature of the game and its amazing features. The game is popular for its amazing characters, graphics, story mode, and different erotic situations.

No doubt, the game comes out with detailed and addictive gaming content. It features around 65 different characters and gamers can travel to 30 unique locations on the map to complete Missions and Challenges.

In the game, gamers have to interact with different characters and travel on an active map to perform their daily routine tasks. You have to live alone, generate resources to fulfill your needs, and create new relations to start your new life.

  • Amazonian Beauty: She's a very tall and muscular woman, but several characters are clearly attracted to her, especially in her role as a masked wrestler.

  • Ambiguously Gay: Her cropped hair and butch appearance give every impression that she is a lesbian. It's unclear if she is or not (Roxxy and her posse are convinced she is), though she laughs at Dexter for having a Teeny Weenie. She could also just be bi, since it's hinted that MC will at some point have sex with her in future updates, given he's already done the same with all the other teachers.

  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: She provides a textbook case of the school coach version, forcing students to do pushups or run laps around the field at the drop of a hat.

  • Hidden Buxom: Like the majority of female characters in the game, she has an impressively large bust, but this is almost always concealed by the sweatsuit she wears as part of her job as a gym teacher, as well as her habit of usually standing either with her arms folded over it, or holding a basketball in front of it. However when you see her in her Pink Cyclone getup, it's immediately obvious.

  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Her Pink Cyclone costume, shown right, given that nobody else in the game matches her physique or possesses the same pink hairstyle. Of course, MC and Erik, whom she teaches, don't suspect a thing.

  • Pet the Dog: She's the only teacher willing to go to bat against Mrs. Smith over Annie's attempt to ban hair dye in the new uniform code (although this is partly motivated by the possibility that it would be applied to her as well).

  • Secret Identity: As luchalibre wrestler The Pink Cyclone.

  • Attempted Rape: Repeatedly makes threats to rape Debbie, and comes incredibly close to raping both her and Jenny near the end of the main storyline.

  • Ax-Crazy: He's always eager to hurt somebody violently.

  • The Dragon: Seems to be this in the criminal gang, ordering around the other gangsters in Raz's absence.

  • Expy: Of Nikolai Luzhin from Eastern Promises. However, Nikolai was secretly an FSB mole, whereas Dimitri is nothing other than a straight villain.

  • Hate Sink: Quite possibly the biggest in the game, which already has its share of awful characters who don't have any other real purpose than to be despised. It comes off as incredibly satisfying that the MC gets to personally stomp his ass into the ground.

  • The Heavy: His boss Raz only appears towards the very end of the game, instead sending Dimitri out to torment the Main Character and his family.

  • Jerkass: Besides being a Russian gangster, he's incredibly patronizing and likely a rapist.

  • Knight of Cerebus: Zig-Zagged. Whenever he and Igor show up, he's a genuinely menacing presence and changes the game's lighthearted tone, providing a serious threat to the MC and everyone in his household and lacking the humorous qualities that Mayor Rump and Kim display by virtue of being parodies of real-life controversial characters. However, his banter with Igor tends to make him The Comically Serious.

  • Laser-Guided Karma: After spending much of the game threatening the MC who he underestimates and calls "little bunny", he finally gets beaten up by him and arrested.

  • The Nicknamer: Derisively calls the MC "little bunny". This becomes a lot creepier in hindsight with the reveal that Dimitri had already murdered his father.

  • Sadist: He's all too excited at the notion of torturing and raping Debbie and Jenny.

  • Tattooed Crook: Has a few tattoos on his hands and is not a nice person.

  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Out of everyone in the colorful cast, he's the only one who's a rapist with a sadistic streak.

  • Would Hit a Girl: When MC first inspects the Russian warehouse, he sees Dimitri kicking one of the female slaves to the ground while screaming at her.

  • Would You Like to Hear How They Died?: He fondly remembers hanging MC's father from a noose and watching the man slowly suffocate to death in front of him.

In addition, Summertime Saga also owns 65 characters and 30 extremely interesting places in the town for you to explore. With the visual novel gameplay, you will be talking and interacting with the characters in everyday life. These conversations will give you more information, which is also the task that needs to be completed. When you complete the assigned tasks, you will receive some money and valuable items to help you pay for life.

This app is just a guide on how to play the game. The game has an adult feature so is allowed only for 18+. Make sure you are above 18 to download or play the Game. This is not an original game. All types of games, pictures, characters, and other details are not made by us but by their respective owners. This app collects guides, hints, and how-to-play, taken from the internet and set up to make it easy for you to read.

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Additionally, the game has several maps, each offering a unique gameplay experience. You can explore various locations and interact with the game's diverse characters as you build relationships and progress through the story.

To survive this harrowing ordeal, you must build relationships with in-game characters and work together to uncover the secrets behind the criminal organization. It will be a mix of thrilling adventure and risky escapades as you navigate the complex world of Summertime Saga APK.

Players are tasked with uncovering the truth behind their father's death while navigating daily life challenges, such as attending school, forming relationships, and completing various tasks. The game features an open-world environment with different locations to explore, multiple storylines to follow, and many characters to interact with.

The "Cookie Jar" is a feature that serves as a gallery for players to view and revisit the explicit scenes they have unlocked throughout the game. As the player progresses through various storylines and completes specific tasks, they will encounter adult content involving different characters. Once a scene has been unlocked, it is added to the Cookie Jar, allowing players to view it anytime from the main menu.

The Cookie Jar is divided into sections corresponding to different characters, making it easy for players to find and access the scenes they're interested in. This feature is popular among players, allowing them to keep track of their progress and enjoy the adult content they have unlocked as they advance in the game.

This dating simulation gameplay is a prime example of the genre, showcasing a wealth of creativity in conventional and unconventional elements. Moreover, it boasts a comprehensive progression system that enables players to chart their course while pursuing the protagonist's ultimate goal. By gradually interacting with each game feature or design, players can cultivate their characters' personalities and transform them into captivating and engaging individuals.

Although the game world is confined to a small neighborhood scale, it is packed with amusing scenarios and captivating characters for players to discover. Each region has unique criteria that players can gradually tailor their personality to fit, with rigorous standards to meet in each area they visit. As players progress, the terrain will undergo significant changes, and many engaging activities will be introduced, providing ample opportunities to interact with the locals and enjoy themselves.

Summertime Saga presents players with numerous options to influence their mood and the outcome of each conversation or interaction with characters. Depending on the choices made, characters' attitudes and behaviors can undergo significant changes, leading to various positive outcomes for each option. However, the distinct personalities of each character may also cause the story path to feel coerced and result in unexpected plot twists.

Players can improve their flirting outcomes by leveling up their characters and practicing specific skills. Character training can produce continuous changes and unlock new abilities while accompanying female characters based on the player's choices. Furthermore, players can increase their characters' attachment levels by working with them and offering gifts, enhancing any relationship or affection level.

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Summertime Saga is an interesting and unique visual novel with simulation elements, combining romance and dangerous adventures. The game has a detailed background and a fascinating plot, which completely depends on the actions of the participant. The events take place in a small provincial town. The main character is an ordinary guy who recently lost his father. It turns out that the deceased borrowed a large sum from the bandits, and now the money will have to be returned to his family. Because of this, all the characters in the game Summertime Saga for android will be drawn into a whirlpool of events, criminal showdowns and strange incidents.


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