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Blended families can be overwhelming, confusing and even discouraging at times.  With the proper expectations and expert advice, it can be enjoyable and fulfilling.


The Stepfamily Network is partnered the world's leading stepfamily experts to provide advice, skills and tools that will help your blended family thrive.


Online Blended Family Workshops

Uniting two families with distinct cultures, history and sometimes baggage isn't something most of us know how to do. 


Stepfamily Network's monthly livestream events bring blended family experts together to  discuss important blended family topics and provide practical solutions.

All workshops are free for Stepfamily Network Members.

Blended Family Advice

with author, speaker & therapist,  Ron Deal

Advice: Social Distancing in a Blended Family
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Ron L. Deal, author of the popular Smart Stepfamily series tackles the complexities of social distancing and co-parenting during a global pandemic.  


  • Social Distancing in a Blended Family

  • Co-Parenting in a Global Pandemic

More from Ron Deal

Watch Now: The Smart Stepfamily Conference

with authors Ron Deal, Laura Petherbridge and Kim Giles



The Smart Stepfamily Conference is a 14-session course for stepfamily couples, single parents, dating couples with kids, and those who care about blended families.

What You'll Learn:

  • Stepfamily Dynamics: Why and How They Differ

  • The Ex-Spouse-In-Law: Good, Bad the Ugly

  • Things I wish My Parents and Stepparents Knew 

  • Becoming Stepfamily Smart

  • How to "Cook" a Stepfamily​

  • Biggest Fears in a Stepfamily

  • Your Marriage - Priority One

  • Attachment, Loss and Loyalty

  • Pillars of Stepparent Success


Stepfamily Resources

Blended Family Books Now Available

The perfect companion material to Stepfamily Network online courses are now available.  Browse popular titles from the worlds best-selling blended family authors.

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