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Smart stepfamily conference

The Smart Stepfamily Conference is multi-session course for stepfamily couples, single parents, dating couples with kids, and those who care about blended families.

Speakers: Laura Petherbridge, Ron Deal, Kim Giles
Duration: 08:30:00

Price: FREE


our biggest fears in a stepfamily

Getting offended is often the origin of many of our interpersonal issues.  Learning why we get offended is the first step in overcoming this common challenge.  

Speaker: Kim Giles
Duration: 0:19:30

Price: FREE


establishing stepfamily expectations

The prospect of building a blended family can evoke feelings of excitement, relief, nervousness and worry all at the same time.  Building a successful stepfamily requires significant energy and commitment, so partners should talk about expectations for each other and their new family before and after marriage. Addressing these important issues early can help avoid serious problems down the road. Setting realistic expectations and goals are crucial to creating a healthy, successful stepfamily.

Speaker: Keith Crossley
Duration: 1:35:00

Price: FREE


Creating the Stepfamily You Want

Creating a stepfamily is a huge decision — much bigger than getting married without dependent kids from earlier relationships — because of the obvious baggage. 

As a stepfamily there is so much consideration that is required to make a family successful, but most of the time we just mess it up because we don't know how to effectively be in a stepfamily.  Join us to learn practical skills for creating the stepfamily you've always wanted.

Speaker: Michael and Christina Fisher
Duration: 1:05:00

Price: FREE


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