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Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox

We Found 1331 Resources For You..

Reference librarians can provide limited assistance to patrons needing to find resources to support their art research. You can contact the library by calling 317-923-1331 x 276 or emailing In order to help you better please provide the following information to the best of your knowledge:

We found 1331 resources for you..

Principal Investigators should select PD 98-1331 in the program announcement/solicitation block on the proposal cover sheet for submission of regular research projects to the sociology program. Projects are evaluated using the two foundation-wide criteria, intellectual merit and broader impacts. In assessing the intellectual merit of proposed research, four components are key to securing support from the Sociology Program: (1) the issues investigated must be theoretically grounded; (2) the research should be based on empirical observation or be subject to empirical validation or illustration; (3) the research design must be appropriate to the questions asked; and (4) the proposed research must advance our understanding of social processes, structures and methods. 041b061a72


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