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Learn in detail about how to play Asian handicap in football betting

When it comes to the domain of 'adventure sports,' one can unequivocally identify Asian handicap as the frontrunner in attracting wagers. As per BK8's statistical data, a striking 35 out of every 100 bets are directed towards Asian handicap, constituting a significant 35% share. Given its widespread appeal, familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of this betting form becomes imperative for any bettor. Following this discussion, top soccer tips is poised to unveil the fundamental approach to navigating Asian handicap bets. Keep an eye out for more insights!

What is Asian handicap?

The Asian handicap is known as the 'mother of bets' because it gives rise to many other types of bets such as over/under bets, odd/even bets, and more. According to Wikipedia, 'Asian handicap betting (also known as Handicap betting) is a form of football betting in which the team given a handicap must win by a margin greater than the provided handicap for the bet to be successful. This form of betting originated from Indonesia.

Asian handicap betting reduces the number of possible outcomes from three (in traditional 1X2 betting) to two by eliminating the draw. This simplification offers two betting options, each with nearly a 50% chance of success.

The Asian handicap is a form of betting that creates a more equal betting environment between two unevenly matched teams by giving a 'handicap' (represented by a number of goals) to the teams before the game starts. In Asian handicap, the margin of goals is allocated to the team more likely to win (the favorite) compared to the team less favored to win (the underdog).

Thus, the Asian handicap can be understood as a type of bet where the stronger team gives a certain handicap to the weaker team. The player places a bet on either the favorite or the underdog, and the winnings are determined at the end of the match or half. On the bookmaker's odds board, the Asian handicap is listed in the first column, with the handicap displayed under the home team's section.

Detailed guide on how to play Asian handicap for beginners

Below is the information about how to play Asian handicap betting that players need to understand:

Handicap rates

As mentioned above, in Asian handicap betting, the stronger team gives a handicap to the weaker team. This number is set by win tips today depending on the match and the difference in team strengths. The basic handicap types include:

Whole number handicaps such as -1, -2, -3 goals, etc. In this type of bet, the favorite team must win by more than the handicap number (x + 1) to win the bet and receive the full payout.

Quarter-goal and half-goal handicaps such as -0.25, -0.5, -0.75. For these bets, the favorite team must win by a margin greater than the handicap to win the full amount. For example, if Team A is giving a 1.25 goal handicap to Team B, Team A must win by at least 2 goals (1.25 + 0.75) to win the bet and receive the full payout.

Three-quarter goal handicaps such as -0.75. In this case, the favorite team must win by more than the handicap number (x + 1.25) to win the full payout. If the favorite team wins by a minimal margin (one goal), the payout is halved.

For example, if Team A is giving a 1.25 goal handicap to Team B, Team A must win by at least 2 goals to win the bet and receive the full payout. If Team A wins by only 1 goal, the payout is halved.

How to calculate winnings

In Asian handicap betting, the payout is calculated in four scenarios:

  • Full win: Winnings = Bet amount x odds

  • Half win: Winnings = ½ Bet amount x odds

  • Half loss: Loss = ½ Bet amount

  • Full loss: Loss = Initial bet amount

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Tips for analyzing Asian handicap bets

Here are several strategic guidelines to enhance your success when engaging in Asian handicap betting:

Handicap of 0.25: When encountering a match with a handicap of 0.25, consider placing your wagers in favor of the home team. This approach capitalizes on the home advantage, which often translates into a more favorable outcome.

Large Handicap Spreads: Opt for the underdog when faced with Asian handicaps featuring spreads of 6 or 7 goals. In football, excessively high goal differentials are viewed as disrespectful to the opposing team, prompting favored teams to exhibit restraint in their scoring efforts. Capitalizing on this phenomenon can lead to favorable betting outcomes.

Risk Management: Exercise caution by limiting your betting portfolio to 3 to 4 Asian handicap bets per betting round. This prudent approach helps mitigate risk and ensures a more controlled betting experience, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your chances of success.


The preceding segment provides invaluable insights into the intricacies of Asian handicap betting, a widely favored wagering option. Presently, Asian handicap bets feature prominently in all football matches, showcasing diverse numbers and handicap rates. As such, it is paramount to fully grasp the strategies outlined above in order to confidently engage with Asian handicap bets across reputable bookmakers. By honing these skills, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of football betting with finesse and precision. Read more: Soccer won 1x2 tips – Providing Tips from Over 100 of the Best Websites in the World


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