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The Division Buy Phoenix Credits [REPACK]

Phoenix Credits are the rarest form of currency in The Division. Due to the rarity of this currency, the prices in Phoenix Credits are much lower as opposed to the other forms of currency. Phoenix Credits are only used for a select few vendors in the Base of Operations. However, these vendors sell powerful equipment, such as Exotics and Gear Sets. Phoenix Credits are earned through Weekly Assignments, as well as completing Daily Missions and certain activities. It is also shared between characters, allowing much more phoenix credits to be earned in the aforementioned activities. The currency currently caps at 8,000 phoenix credits.

the division buy phoenix credits

Unfortunately it isnt, Bullet King drops between 1-3 pheonix credits per death and you can kill him on average once per 30 seconds to a minute depending on how good you are. Challenge modes are in no way better other than you get a High end item @ the end but with all the phoenix credits and deconstruction of items this way works out better anyway.

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