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Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Dlc Pc 24

Honoka is depicted as having a very child-like demeanor (although not to the same extent as Marie Rose). In the Japanese version of Dead or Alive 6 and Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, Honoka, similar to Marie Rose, sometimes refers to herself in the third person, although not nearly to the same extent. She seems to be quite naive and oblivious, irritating other characters at times with her lack of perception. During the sixth tournament, Leifang remarks outright that she thinks Honoka is an airhead. However, she does at least seem to be aware of these shortcomings, as she thanked Misaki for helping her stay on track for the first covergirl event, citing her own airheaded nature as why she couldn't have done it otherwise. She also has a habit of forgetting people she has met before, such as Ayane and Zack. She talks to animals as if they are people, greeting a dolphin on New Zack Island as "Mr. Dolphin" and proceeding to bow to it while asking if they'll hang out for a couple of weeks. She also often talks to her stuffed animal Mister Moo/Momo (Momo-chan in the Japanese version) as if it is alive, and in Xtreme Venus Vacation has referred to the doll as her "best friend", even sleeping with it when she's away from her grandma. In Warriors All-Stars, she is seen to be quite upset that she doesn't have Mister Moo along with her. Lastly, while proficient with learning various fighting styles, she is not quite as good regarding academics by her own admission. Once, she even requested that Marie Rose tutor her in a subject due to failing a test.

Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Dlc Pc 24


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