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Yellow and red cards can also be exchanged for money in penalty card betting

Penalty card betting is a very popular form of betting nowadays. However, for those who are new to sports betting, they may still not fully understand this type of bet.

Therefore, in the following article, I will share some information for you to understand.

What is a penalty card bet?

Penalty card betting, also known as Total Bookings, is a type of bet based on the number of penalty cards such as yellow and red cards in a match.

Of course, with this type of bet, players do not need to pay attention to the match result or the number of goals scored. They only need to focus on the number of penalty cards.

Note: Not all bookmakers offer this type of bet for every match, so sometimes you may not find it available when checking the odds.

Additionally, this bet is straightforward to play as you can make few winning prediction based on the nature of each match, the form of the players, or the lineup of each team.

Teams that play attractive football usually receive fewer penalty cards. On the other hand, teams that play rough and are not afraid to commit fouls are more likely to receive more penalty cards.

Compared to betting on goals, this type of bet is considered easier to win and potentially more profitable. Next, I will explain what types of penalty card bets are available and what are the characteristics of each type.

Most popular types of penalty card bets

Once engaged in playing this high-level type of bet, players must understand how to play it clearly. From there, they can devise the most effective and safest betting strategies.

Handicap penalty card betting

Similar to Asian Handicap betting, handicap penalty card betting divides into the favorite team and the underdog team. The calculation is based on the total number of penalty cards issued after 90 minutes of official play.

This type of bet does not count cards given to substitute players or coaches off the field. A yellow card is counted as one point, and a red card is counted as two points.

The total points for the entire match are calculated based on the number of points for each card.

For example: Player A receives a yellow card in the first half, then receives another yellow card in the second half and is sent off. Thus, this player will be counted as having received one red card, one yellow card, and the total penalty points are 3.

If player B receives a red card, the total points are 2, and other cases are similar.

Different bookmakers offer different odds. Therefore, the rewards for winning vary for each player.

Total penalty cards over/under betting

Total Penalty Cards Over/Under (Over/Under Card) is a popular type of penalty card bet favored by tip soccer.

The player's task is to predict the total number of cards that the referee will draw for both teams during the official playing time of the match.

If the total number of penalty cards is greater than the Over/Under ratio, then the winning result is Over. Conversely, if the total number of penalty cards is less than the Over/Under ratio, then the winning result is Under.

Usually, bookmakers allow players to bet on this type of bet for either 45 minutes or the full 90 minutes of the match.

Other types of penalty card bets

In addition to Asian Handicap and Over/Under betting, players can choose to bet on even/odd outcomes or the first/last penalty card.

Although these types of bets may have fewer players, they often have relatively high winning odds.

When betting on even/odd, players need to predict whether the total number of penalty cards received by both teams in a half or the whole match will be even or odd.

For the first/last penalty card bet, you need to predict which team will receive the first or last card.

These types of bets are relatively simple because you only need to focus on the first or last card without worrying about the total number or point calculation for the entire match.

How are penalty card bets settled?

How to determine the winnings? It's quite simple; you just need to follow the calculation below:

Winnings from penalty card betting = Wager amount x Bookmaker's odds

For example: If you bet $200 on the Over option and the bookmaker's odds for the first half are 2. Here's how it works:

If the total number of cards in the match is 3, then the Over option wins, and your winnings will be $200 multiplied by the odds.

If the total number of cards is 0, 1, or 2, then the Over option loses.

Similarly, you can apply this calculation for the full match and easily determine how much you've won.

Tips for winning penalty card bets

Once you know you should play this type of bet, you need to equip yourself with some suitable strategies. In every football match, anything can happen, and the intensity of major matches is also very high.

Therefore, to accurately predict the total penalty points, players should not be subjective.

Here are some penalty card betting tip you shouldn't overlook:

Thoroughly research the team you're betting on.

This is really important and can greatly affect your winning or losing when betting on penalty cards.

So take the time to research the team you're planning to bet on. Some information you should pay attention to about that team includes their form, playing style, match history, and the number of penalty cards they typically receive.

In particular, players need to pay attention to which players are most likely to receive penalty cards. Then, find out if these players will be playing in the match or if they are substitutes.

Usually, players who frequently receive cards when they play tend to yield surprising results. Therefore, compile all the necessary information to predict the total number of penalty cards more accurately.

Understand how to analyze odds

This is a guide to penalty card betting that every newcomer needs to understand.

Only when you know how to soccer odds analysis can you make your betting process easier and move closer to victory.

Furthermore, knowing how to analyze odds helps players avoid making mistakes. This also helps stabilize your financial resources.

Choose reputable betting platforms for penalty card betting

Currently, there are many different bookmakers developing football betting platforms. However, not every platform can guarantee the best quality for your enjoyment.

Even if your penalty card betting strategy is top-notch, if you unfortunately join a scam bookmaker, your capital and profits will vanish into thin air.

Some bookmakers offer high bonus rates to attract more players. But when you participate, it becomes difficult to win your bets.

Therefore, do not choose a bookmaker based solely on this criterion. During the game, you also need to stay alert to make the right decisions.

Research the referees

Each tournament has different referees. For example, major tournaments like the Premier League, Euro, World Cup, require referees with a high level of expertise.

Therefore, the penalty cards issued are relatively accurate. But in some smaller tournaments like national cups, referees often make unreasonable decisions.

This affects the player's judgment and reduces accuracy. For example, some fouls that should only receive a yellow card may be changed to red due to disrespect to the referee.

Situations like these are beyond the player's ability to predict. So it's very difficult to come up with 100% accurate results.

Therefore, before betting on a team, research the referees in that match to anticipate the possible scenarios.


Above is the most detailed information about penalty card betting. Although predicting the total penalty points accurately is not a simple task.

However, with perseverance, players can still achieve it. Hopefully, with the experiences I've shared, you can feel confident and easily win when participating in betting with this type of bet. Read more: Soccer won 1x2 tips today – Offering Insights from the Top 100 Websites Worldwide


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