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Back to School: Keys to Remote Learning

Preview: Keys to Remote Learning
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Course Description

This course is designed to help parents/caregivers set up their home for remote learning to best support the student(s). It contains lessons to guide you to best equip your child. The course contains overall recommendations for remote learning as well as segments that address specific needs per grade level.

The course also addresses supporting the emotional well-being of both students and parents/caregivers. You receive two bonus features; one to help students learning between two "co-parenting" homes, and the other bonus focuses on helping yourself and your children grieve the losses they experience while remote learning during Covid-19.

We are all navigating the pandemic yet we are all impacted differently. Let the course bring you tools, encouragement and comfort as you support yourself and your student.


Let’s get started!

What You'll Learn

  • Keys to Success for Remote Learning

  • Remote Learning: K - 5th Grade

  • Remote Learning:  6 - 8th Grade

  • Remote Learning:  High School Students

  • Remote Learning:  College Students

  • Co-Parenting & Remote Learning

  • Grieving Loss in a Remote Learning Environment

  • Smile Breaks

  • Moving Forward...

About Heather


Heather is a writer, professional speaker and JOY seeker with a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University and a Masters Degree from Cleveland State University.


She is the author of two books for stepmoms and a monthly contributor to StepMom Magazine. She also writes for The Huffington Post and various online magazines.


She began in 2009 to bring resources and encouragement to stepmoms and launched Learning2Step in 2015 with her husband, Andy, to bring resources to everyone touched by stepfamily dynamics. 

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