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Uniting two families with distinct cultures, history and sometimes baggage isn't something most of us know how to do.  After 15 years of stepfamily life, we finally realized that most of the issues we were dealing with in our relationship and family were the result of failing to understand that stepfamilies are different. 

Join this progressive workshop series to learn techniques the most successful stepfamilies use to stop the arguing, glow closer together and to thrive.

Bonus Course: High Conflict Step Children

Presented by Sara Susov

If you're in a high conflict situation with parental alienation and you want your kids to feel save, you have to work even harder to help them.


Sara Susov presents insights, strategies and tactics for dealing with high conflict stepchildren.

Workshop 2 of 9: Creating the Stepfamily You Want

Creating a stepfamily is a huge decision — much bigger than getting married without dependent kids from earlier relationships — because of the obvious baggage. It’s not enough just to love somebody.  You have to make sure your love is strong enough to share your partner’s family life — and even if you’re sure, you can’t just jump into it without preparation.

As a stepfamily there is so much consideration that is required to make a family successful, but most of the time we just mess it up because we don't know how to effectively be in a stepfamily.  Learn practical skills for creating the stepfamily you've always wanted.

Worksheet: Core Values (PDF)

Presented by Michael and Christina Fisher

Workshop 1 of 9: Establishing Stepfamily Expectations

The prospect of building a stepfamily can evoke feelings of excitement, relief, nervousness and worry all at the same time. Building a successful stepfamily requires significant energy and commitment, so partners should talk about expectations for each other and their new family before and after marriage. Addressing these important issues early can help avoid serious problems down the road. Setting realistic expectations and goals are crucial to creating a healthy, successful stepfamily.

Presented by High Impact Speaker Keith Crossley


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