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Shiny Days English Patch

Two days after patch 1.06 had been posted on July 7, 2006,[50] 0verflow announced that limited edition copies of Summer Days were found to contain uncensored sex scenes, a violation of their game rating partner's policy[51] and Article 175 of the Penal Code of Japan.[52] As a result, 0verflow issued a recall of the affected games. Customers who had purchased limited edition copies were asked to contact the company via mail for replacements;[53] on October 11, 0verflow announced that renewals would be shipped out on October 27.[54] As a result of the game's unprofitable recall, a rumor surfaced that 0verflow was forced to lay off half of its company employees, reported on at least once by, a Chiyoda-based online magazine for Akihabara.[55]

Shiny Days English Patch

i found a solution for shiny days fullscreen with no crashes first get Borderless Gaming tool eiter from steam to support devs of free from their website then useing nvidia control panal set resolution to 800*600 start Borderless Gaming then start shiny days in widowed mode.Borderless Gaming will then make it full screen you can then fastforward and skip with no crashes works for schooldays as well

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Does any1 have prob opening the game these past few days ? The game keep crashing when I open it even though a week or two ago I can still play it without any prob. Is it because of window 10 update or graphic card update ? I have the restoration patch btw.

hey admin thanks for the upload of shiny days. I have been waiting year or two for it, but I have a problem. the problem is that start up is fine, but when I finish selecting setsunas (sorry if I spelt her name wrong)outfit screen goes black then I get a pop up that says first 1.00 then 1.0 and the game goes back to main menu. any help would be appreciated.

Setting the compatibility mode to Window 7 or XP will fix this. disabling dpi scaling in the shortcut properties also helps in some cases. If the fullscreen is not properly scaled there may also be graphics card specific settings to change (example in this post: -shiny-days-on-my-personal-laptop-and-vm)


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