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Aa2 How To Install Mods

AA2Install ready mods can be identified by .7z archives with an AA2_Play folder or an AA2_Make folder on the top level. This format is also identical to the AAU Shadow Set format without the data archived. Creating your own AAU Shadow Sets is another way to install/uninstall mods easily. More information on Sets can be found in the AAUnlimited How-To Guide I posted before.

Aa2 How To Install Mods

Download Zip:

Tot is an AA2 modder who is actively creating original outfits and porting high quality models to AA2 along with hair packs, accessories and the best uncensor. The mods here are much nicer than the general clothing collections so I would highly suggest picking up most of the releases here.

It seems to be from AA2 but in the short gameplay I watched, there was no first person camera? is it necessary to have mods installed for such a camera or I am just being dumb/the guy I watched only used a distant perspective?

Hello I have downloaded all the mods and I have managed to install only some but the others I do not know how to do themthe ones that will not be installed are the aa2 hardlinker and the overrides I did what the images told me and others but nothing new was shown just the usual HELP PLEASE

The latest version of the HF Patch includes all the official patches, so you don't have to worry about installing any of those. It also includes the no-dvd fix, English translations and UI as well as uncensors.

If you downloaded a pre-installed version of the game or installed the game to a bad location (i.e. one with Unicode/unreadable characters) then both the HF patch and the DLC HF patch can fix the game's registry entries. To fix the registry, just do these simple steps:

Please note that fixing the registry is not recommended because it will break uninstalling. Fixing the registry will make the game work, but you should not expect to be able to uninstall it without manual work.

Note: It is safe to run the patch again if you want to install additional components and/or change options. Just deselect the components you previously installed and patching will be relatively quick.

The Append Set add-ons adds new personalities, hairs and costumes. The Append Sets are not free and therefore they will never be included in a HF Patch. To get it you have to buy Append Set I, buy Append Set II or get it some other way. The HF Patch includes official patches and mods that will patch, translate and uncensor the Append Set I+II if you have them installed when running the patch.

But I'm having a little issue with the detectors feature. I loaded the save that I had before installing AA2.1 and everything's working so far, except for the detectors. I can't seem to find one, I went back to Sidorovich and completed his quests, but he didn't give me one, the barman either. Is that the only way to get a detector? Do I really have to create a new game to get one?

ive installed everything correctly and i didnt get any errors when running the installer but everytime i click play on steam it loads a black screen for a second then it closes and nothing happens. any help would be greatly appreciated

Click to expand.I'm sure people would appreciate it. Buying it if you're in the west is actually quite difficult, since Illusion is skittish after that Rapelay incident, so procuring a free copy is far easier than just buying it.I imagine these days they have easy installers with the translation and patches rolled into it. If anyone is going to play AA2 they're also going to want the Illusion Wizzard to install mods:There's a forum section on Hongfire for the AA2 mods themselves, as well. EDIT: I see you posted a link to the HF Patch thread, but I might as well post a second one to the forum section:I remember when AA2 first came out and the /hgg/ thread and Hongfire were kind of racing to translate it. /hgg/ translated it very quickly. They had a machine translation up in days and a real translation up in.

Contents.Preparation before you install your first ModThe following are a couple of things to do before you begin to install your first mod.If you have already done this before installing your first mod, you can skip it for any additional mods to install and head right to the.Tools and Resources used in this TutorialThe following are the used in this Tutorial. Ensure you always have the latest version of these tools and resources that are compatible with the latest version of the game you're trying to mod.

Please click on their name(s) to find more about each, download them and install them and have them ready to use before you follow the rest of the Installing Mods Tutorial!(also referred to as ) - used in this Tutorial to install Wrestler including files, files, Tron Entrance videos, Character Renders, Empty the file, rebuild the file and more. Is the most proven and 'safest' tool to use for installing mods.- used in this Tutorial to create, verify and modify, and files and unlock Alternate Attires for your Wrestlers. A must-have tool that works in synergy with.- used in this Tutorial to replace Entrance Music and sounds.- used in this Tutorial to add wrestler names for mods that aren't normally available in the game.

It's highly recommended to install it into the WWE 2k19modsSuper Stringpacstringwin folder for or the WWE 2k18modsSuper Stringpacstringwin folder for (you'll have to replace the original files for older games for they don't support the mods folder).Note: Ensure that you update the modding tools, resources as well as your game(s) to the latest version frequently. The latest versions of Mods, Modding Tools and Resources in this tutorial will only work with the latest official, updated (as of this writing, is the only platform these games are available for on the PC) version of each game. Any other versions are unsupported and won't be moddable, due to the nature of modding these games and the memory structure changing for each version.Set Steam to Offline ModeThis step isn't required, but it's highly recommended to set Steam to Offline mode before you mod, to test mods, etc. It will also make it easier to restore your save game.Follow these steps to start Steam in Offline Mode:1. Start Steam.2. Click Steam-Go Offline.3.

On the Prompt that comes up, click Restart Steam in Offline Mode.4. Steam should now start in Offline mode.Note that while Steam is set to Offline mode, it will prompt you to remain in offline mode or go online every time. Select the Offline mode option until you are sure that all your mods are working properly.Once you have verified all your mods are working, you may safely start Steam in Online Mode again.Create BackupsImportant - Don't forget to create backups of your original game files outside your game directory and save game data before you mod! In case something goes wrong, you'll want to revert to your original files and/or save!Backup your unmodded Game DirectoryIt's highly recommended that you backup your unmodded Game Directory to another location (outside the game's folder!), ideally a different drive (or at the very least, a different partition) before you begin modding. You can do this by simply copying your WWE game directory, which can be found in SteamSteamAppscommon, to another folder. This way you will always be able to restore any files that you may have overwritten and aren't working for whatever reason to restore the game to it's original state.How to Restore your backed up Game FilesIn case you ever wish to revert to a backed up game files, follow these steps:1. Ensure neither the game nor Steam are running.2.

Delete your game directory (usually in SteamSteamAppscommon).3. Copy the backed up game directory from your backup location to SteamSteamAppscommon Restore original Game Files via verify the Integrity of Game Files via Steam =In case you've forgotten to, you can always open Steam, right-click on the game, click Properties, then click Local Files and Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will tell Steam to check your files and replace any files that are corrupted or changed from the original files with the original ones that Steam will re-download. Note that any modded files that aren't in the mods folder will be replaced, so backup any modified files from the sounds, moviestitantron folders, etc. You wish to keep first.Note that this will not affect any files inside the mods folder, they are safe and you will be able to continue to use those. All you'll have to do is Clear the Chunk0.arc file and Regenerate the Chunk0.def file via again after Steam is done verifying the game files.

If you don't do this, the game will run in it's original state without mods instead, which is good for testing any stability issues, etc.Backup your save game directoryTo backup your save game, ensure that Steam isn't running and copy the entire SteamSteamAppsuserdata folder to a different directory (not the game directory), ideally on another drive. It's highly recommended to keep a backup of an unmodded save game as well as create an additional backup of your save game data every time you install new mod(s) (especially when you inject something into the memory/save) so you can easily revert the last changes.The is the unique ID assigned to your Steam Account, the is the unique ID assigned by Steam to the respective game. You can find it out by visiting the Steam Store page for your game and reading it.For example, the Steam Store URL for is. The for is thus 817130.s for some games:: 817130: 664430: 510510: 385730: 240460Note that Steam creates automatic backups of the saves for some games as well (SAVEDATABACKUP for, for example).

Just to be sure. If you wish to create a new save game because you don't have a backup, want to start from scratch, wish to access a fresh save game or some other reason, simply skip step number 6., in which case the game will create a new save game on the next startup.Clear the Chunk Cache file to fix Startup Crashes with ModsBefore installing any files, you will have to clear the file. This only has to be done once. It will stick unless the game updates or you verify your game files through, in which case you will have to repeat this step.


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