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The Asian handicap is what? Share the 100% winning strategy

What is the Asian Handicap? Let's follow Wintips's article to understand this type of betting! We will share detailed information about the Asian Handicap.

What is the Asian Handicap?

What is the Asian Handicap? This is one of the most popular types of Asian bets used in matches today.

According to football betting experts and professional players, the Asian Handicap is also known as the draw or 0 handicap. This type of bet is offered by bookmakers based on basic information about the two football teams.

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What are the characteristics of the Asian Handicap?

The characteristic of the Asian Handicap is that it's difficult for players to perceive the difference in strength between the two participating teams. Basic match information such as the starting lineup, star players, team tactics, players' form... Doesn't vary much.

From the time the odds are released until the match takes place, there are always changes in this handicap, and players can interpret this betting option in various ways.

How to play the Asian Handicap?

Here are the possible scenarios that may occur when you participate in this Asian Handicap betting:

Draw: Both teams return the stake.

Favorite team wins: Players who choose the favorite team win their bet.

Underdog team wins: Players who choose the underdog team win their bet.

When participating in Asian Handicap betting, it's advisable to thoroughly research all relevant information and factors related to the upcoming match, such as team line-ups, squad strength, team form... This will help you make the most informed bets.

Another important factor to consider is reputable Vietnamese bookmakers and the odds they offer, in order to avoid shady bookmakers and virtual betting odds. This helps minimize the risk of losing money on difficult or fraudulent betting odds.

100% Winning Strategy for Asian Handicap Betting

What are the experiences for analyzing the Asian Handicap odds? After years of experience and gathering insights from various forums, Wintips has compiled some betting free hot football tips for you:

Firstly, players should refrain from placing bets on the Asian Handicap before the match begins. Wait for about 10 minutes after the kick-off before placing your bet. During this period, you may notice if the bookmakers are setting traps for those who bet early.

For Asian Handicap bets, the home team is often a popular choice among players. This is because the Asian Handicap implies that both teams are evenly matched in many aspects. Additionally, if you observe that Team A frequently win bet tips as the home team, it's advisable to bet on them.

In cases where one team scores first in the Asian Handicap bet and the over/under odds are only at 2.25, it's recommended to bet on the team that just scored. Although the profit margin might decrease slightly, the safety factor is significantly higher.

How to calculate Asian Handicap odds?

Based on the result of the football match, players can calculate the Asian Handicap odds as follows:

  • When the home team wins: If the home team (or the team listed first) wins, the better will win their bet with the odds provided by the bookmaker. If you bet on the other team, you are likely to lose your bet.

  • When the football match ends in a draw: In this case, bets on either the away or home team will result in a draw, and the bookmaker will refund the initial bet amount.

  • When the away team wins: If the away team wins, players who bet on the home team will lose their bet, while those who bet on the away team have the chance to win according to the odds provided by the bookmaker.

These are the three most likely scenarios in Asian Handicap betting. Therefore, thorough research on the match is necessary for a chance of winning.

Some notes when playing Asian Handicap

In Asian Handicap betting, the likelihood of the upper door winning the bet is superior. However, there are several situations that may arise which players need to be aware of:

  • Even though the upper door is stronger, if they are playing as the away team, players should still choose the upper door to have a higher chance of winning.

  • Players should avoid placing Asian Handicap bets too early. It's crucial to grasp the team's situation, including squad strength and match dynamics, within the first 15 minutes before proceeding with the bet.


Below is an extended explanation outlining the fundamental concepts of the Asian Handicap, presented by Sports Page. Our aim is to equip you with comprehensive understanding to enhance your proficiency in this particular betting method. May this knowledge empower you to navigate Asian Handicap betting with confidence, increasing your chances of success. Best wishes for a rewarding and prosperous journey in your betting endeavors! Read more: Here is a list of the top 10 which website is 100% accurate for football predictions today?


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