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How to Install Space RPG 4 APK on Your Android Phone - A Guide to the Best Space RPG Ever

Space RPG 4: A Review of the Latest Android Space Game

If you are a fan of space games, you might have heard of Space RPG 4, a new Android game that was released in March 2023. Space RPG 4 is a role-playing game that lets you explore a vast universe, trade with different characters, fight pirates and aliens, join factions, complete missions, and more. In this article, we will review the game's features, story, gameplay, pros and cons, tips and tricks, and how to download and install it from APKPure.

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What is Space RPG 4?

Space RPG 4 is a turn-based role-playing game developed by Esaptonor, an indie developer who also created Space RPG 3. The game is inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series, which was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. Space RPG 4 is the fourth installment in the series, but it is not a direct sequel to Space RPG 3. Instead, it is a standalone game that features a new story, new factions, new ships, new weapons, new upgrades, new phenomena, and more.

The game was released on March 22nd, 2023 on Google Play Store for $2.49 USD. It has received positive reviews from users and critics alike, who praised its graphics, music, gameplay variety, replay value, and depth. The game has also been featured on several gaming websites and YouTube channels.

The Story and Factions of Space RPG 4

The game's story takes place in a sprawling universe with over 250 star systems to explore. The player can choose to follow one of three main factions or go rogue and do their own thing. The three factions are:

  • The Federation: The largest and most powerful faction in the galaxy. They are a democratic alliance of human worlds that value peace, order, and justice. They have a large military force and advanced technology.

  • The Rebellion: A rebel group that opposes the Federation's rule. They are a diverse coalition of human and alien races that value freedom, independence, and diversity. They have a smaller but more agile force and rely on guerrilla tactics.

  • The Syndicate: A criminal organization that operates in the shadows. They are a ruthless network of smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, hackers, and assassins that value profit, power, and chaos. They have access to black market weapons and upgrades.

The player can join or oppose any of these factions by completing missions for them, or by attacking or defending their ships. The story is not linear, and the player can choose to switch sides, betray allies, or make enemies at any point. The story also has multiple endings, depending on the player's actions and choices.

The Gameplay and Features of Space RPG 4

Exploration and Trading

One of the main aspects of Space RPG 4 is exploration. The player can travel to over 250 star systems, each with its own planets, stations, asteroids, wormholes, and other phenomena. The player can also discover hidden systems, secrets, and Easter eggs. The game features a dynamic map that shows the player's location, the nearby systems, and the faction territories. The player can also use the map to plot their course and jump between systems.

Another important aspect of Space RPG 4 is trading. The player can buy and sell various commodities, such as metals, food, fuel, luxury goods, weapons, and more. Each commodity has a different price and demand in different systems, depending on the faction, the economy, the events, and the supply and demand. The player can use their trading skills to make a profit by buying low and selling high, or by exploiting market fluctuations. The player can also trade with different characters, such as merchants, smugglers, pirates, or faction leaders. The player can haggle with them to get better deals, or even rob them if they are feeling daring.

Combat and Customization

Another main aspect of Space RPG 4 is combat. The player can engage in real-time space battles with various enemies, such as pirates, aliens, bounty hunters, or faction ships. The player can use different weapons and tactics to defeat them, such as lasers, missiles, torpedoes, mines, cloaking devices, shields, or boarding parties. The player can also use different maneuvers to dodge enemy fire or gain an advantage, such as turning, strafing, boosting, or braking.

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The player can also customize their ship to suit their playstyle and preferences. The player can choose from over 100 different ships in the game, each with its own stats, appearance, and abilities. The player can also upgrade their ship with various components, such as engines, reactors, armor, scanners, radars, or cargo bays. The player can also equip their ship with different weapons and subsystems, such as lasers, missiles, torpedoes, mines, cloaking devices, shields, or boarding parties. The player can also customize their ship's appearance by changing its color, name, or emblem.

Missions and Surveys

Another main aspect of Space RPG 4 is missions. The player can complete various missions for different factions, characters, or objectives. Some missions are part of the main story, while others are optional or randomly generated. Some missions are simple delivery or escort tasks, while others are more complex and involve combat, diplomacy, stealth, or puzzles. Some missions have multiple outcomes and consequences, depending on the player's choices and actions.

The player can also survey planets for colonization or resources. The player can use a survey scanner to scan a planet's surface and find out its suitability for life, its mineral wealth, its hazards, and its secrets. The player can then decide whether to colonize the planet, mine it for resources, or leave it alone. Colonizing a planet can provide the player with income, reputation, and bonuses, but it can also attract enemies or cause problems. Mining a planet can provide the player with valuable materials, but it can also deplete the planet's resources or damage its environment.

How to Download and Install Space RPG 4 from APKPure?

If you want to play Space RPG 4 on your Android device, you can download and install it from APKPure, a third-party app store that offers free and safe APK files. APK files are Android application packages that contain all the files and data needed to run an app on your device. Here are the steps to download and install Space RPG 4 from APKPure:

  • Go to [APKPure](^1^) website on your device's browser.

  • Search for Space RPG 4 in the search bar.

  • Select the game from the search results and tap on Download APK.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then tap on Open.

  • You may need to enable Unknown Sources in your device's settings to allow the installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game on your device.

  • Enjoy playing Space RPG 4!

The Pros and Cons of Space RPG 4

Space RPG 4 is a great game for space lovers, but it is not perfect. Here are some of the pros and cons of the game, based on user reviews and personal experience:


- Beautiful graphics and music- Occasional bugs and crashes

- Vast and diverse universe to explore- Repetitive gameplay at times

- Multiple factions and endings to choose from- Limited character interaction and development

- Real-time combat and customization options- Difficult learning curve and balance issues

- High replay value and content updates- No multiplayer or online features

Tips and Tricks for Space RPG 4

If you are new to Space RPG 4 or want to improve your skills, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

  • Save often. The game does not have an auto-save feature, so you need to manually save your progress frequently. You can save up to five different files in the game.

  • Upgrade your ship. Your ship is your lifeline in space, so you need to upgrade it as soon as possible. Buy a better ship when you can afford it, or upgrade your existing ship with better components, weapons, and subsystems.

  • Join a faction. Joining a faction can provide you with benefits, such as access to exclusive ships, weapons, upgrades, missions, and locations. You can join one of the three main factions or one of the many minor factions in the game.

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