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Inarius eventually disappeared from the public eye Diablo 4 Gold, choosing to walk among humanity and manipulate events from behind the scenes. Eventually, the Burning Hells had discovered the existence of Sanctuary, invading the once prosperous and peaceful world. A new generation of nephalem led by Uldyssian also rebelled against both factions which would also cause the High Heavens to get involved in the conflict. As the fighting raged on, Uldyssian not only helped bring down Lilith but altered the Worldstone to destroy the bond Inarius had with it. Ultimately impressed by the nephalem, the Angiris Council agreed to spare Sanctuary and the people living there.

The end of the Sin War also saw an armistice between the Burning Hells and High Heavens, giving mortals free will to decide how to live their life. Part of this deal also saw the once proud ruler of Sanctuary, Inarius, given over to Mephisto where he would be tortured for all eternity. Under the watchful eye of Mephisto, Inarius was bound in chains, his angelic wings slowly torn off, and his body deformed. He remains trapped to this day and his fate is even quickly shown inside of a flashback in the Diablo 4 reveal trailer.

Diablo 4 is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Diablo 4 Confirms Couch Co-op Improvements and Cannibal Enemies

Blizzard is announcing plans for what it calls "Quarterly Updates" for Diablo 4's ongoing development. These quarterly reports will offer insight into Diablo 4's development by providing team members the opportunity to talk about specific parts of the game fans might be interested in or excited for. The first Diablo 4 Quarterly Update focuses on UI development, including PC controller supporter and couch co-op, and in-game encounters, including the introduction of a new enemy "family" named the Cannibals buy Diablo IV Gold.


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