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Run This Town

"Run This Town" is the second official single from the album The Blueprint 3. "Off That" featuring Drake was originally planned to be the next single but "Run This Town" was decided upon instead. Jay-Z confirmed the release in an interview with Tim Westwood, saying, "We basically run this town. It's myself, Rihanna and Kanye. It's pretty much it."[4] In an interview with Sound on Sound, Young Guru explained how Kanye West came featured on the song;

Run This Town


"Run This Town" received mixed reviews from music critics. Following the leak of the song, Tom Breihan, Pitchfork gave a positive review. "The new Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye West track from 'The Blueprint 3', leaked this morning, and it bangs. Jay's 'D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)' left the impression that The Blueprint 3 might be a cantankerous grumpy-old-man rap album, but 'Run This Town' totally obliterates that. Thanks to a molten motivational Rihanna chorus, it's pop-friendly as hell, without compromising Jay's fundamental hardness. And Jay is actually rapping like he cares, something he's only done intermittently over the last few years. Still, Kanye gets the hottest line on the song: 'What you think I rap for, to push a fuckin' RAV 4?'"[10] Following the album's release, Pitchfork made another review of the song, again praising the track. "There's something for everybody: Jay [-Z] sounds engaged in a way he rarely has since unretiring, Rihanna coos those "ay ay"s the radio loves, and Kanye West, as you may have read, once again upstages the guy he's producing. Rihanna's hook may not be Auto-Tune'd, but it's definitely autopilot."[11]

On July 20, 2010, an orchestrated version of "Run This Town" created by E.S. Posthumus was officially released to US iTunes under the Roc Nation imprint, in its studio format. This was eventually played before Super Bowl XLIV and Nashville Predators playoff games.[44] Metalcore band Miss May I covered this song for the compilation album Punk Goes Pop Volume 03..[citation needed]

"Run this Town" has been used in the video game NBA 2K13.[45] The song was featured in the teaser trailer for 2013 video game Battlefield 4 and the trailer for the 2022 movie The 355. It was to be included in coverage of Thursday Night Football on CBS and the NFL Network in 2014, however, it was pulled from the opening segment in the first broadcast in the wake of a domestic violence controversy involving NFL player Ray Rice.[46][47] After Rihanna took to Twitter to complain, the song was removed from further games.[48] The song was performed at the closing ceremony at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London with British rock band Coldplay and Rihanna. Rihanna performed the song as part of her set during the halftime show of Super Bowl LVII.

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Not sure if this is the actual official name of this running path, but enter down by M St. where it intersects with the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge. At first it may be hard to find the path, but you should end up running alongside the Rock Creek Parkway. A perk is that around 2.5 miles into your run along the Parkway you can make a pit stop at the zoo!

RUN THIS TOWN is based on the scandal-ridden 2010-2014 term of Toronto mayor Rob Ford (played by Damian Lewis in a fat suit), with fictionalized behind-the-scenes efforts of an ambitious young aide named Kamal (Mena Massoud) to bury the mayor's misdeeds on one side and the flailings of an incompetent young reporter named Bram (Ben Platt) trying to expose them on the other. Bram is the inexperienced low man at a local paper, but has no skills to move up to full news reporter. Kamal is so competent that he is, to a degree, running the city while the blustery mayor goes on drunken sprees and smokes crack cocaine with kids who video him in the act. Like the real Ford, despite reports in the press and investigations by police, this mayor refuses to leave office when his actions are revealed.

This movie is delivered in unnecessarily jumpy chronology, with split screens and 360-degree camera turns that add nothing to the narrative or visual excitement. These decisions made by Run This Town's first-time writer-director Ricky Tollman don't in any way clarify or set a useful tone in this story about government corruption. And the journalism world he creates bears no likeness to actual journalism or the decision-making processes that go on in newsrooms. We're introduced to graduating senior Bram, played by Platt, as he delivers a powerful, sneering, glib put-down to someone explaining that he's missed the registration deadline for receiving his degree at his college's commencement. He dresses down the bureaucrat bitingly, with clever, quick-witted repartee. But that verbal agility, nerve, and boldness never make another appearance. Through the rest of the action he's self pitying and self absorbed, and utterly hopeless as an investigative reporter.

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According to Daily News, this is the third lawsuit TufAmerica has filed against Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella label this year. Last year, the label sued Kanye West over sampling "Hook & Sling" on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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The groups each have Facebook pages, making it easy to jump in and make friends virtually prior to attending a run. There is some overlap from members being a part of more than one local chapter, but when I added up the numbers, there were 3,802 women in the 10 chapters near me. The club is welcoming of all women, not just moms, as the name would seem. Anyone can run their town.

CBS Sports has benched Rihanna and Jay Z's "Run This Town" for the rest of the NFL season. After pulling the song last week for the season debut of Thursday Night Football on the network, a CBS Sports spokesperson confirmed for MTV News on Tuesday (September 16) that the song will not be played at all this season.

"Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our Thursday Night Football open," the spokesperson said in a statement. "We will be using our newly created Thursday Night Football theme music to open our game broadcast."

But before the 16-game season on the network even kicked off, the song was pulled from last Thursday's broadcast of a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, whose Ray Rice has been dropped from the team and indefinitely suspended by the league following the revelation of a video of the 212-pound running back punching out his then fiancee in an elevator earlier this year.

This film is incredibly nonsensical and difficult to understand, due to the fact that it jumps around too much, the editing is poor, and the soundtrack overpowers the dialogue. The inaccuracies of this movie also removes any of its credibility. While I did appreciate the fact that it was all shot in Toronto and many local references were made, it still does not hide the fact that this was a movie where Damian Lewis played Rob Ford and was involved in a scene where he tried to hug a man to death.

With Run This Town making its big debut at SXSW 2019, Tollman, Platt, Dobrev, Massoud and Scott Speedman all swung by the Collider Studio to talk a little bit about making the film. We discussed Tollman's choice to add characters to the true story inspired by people he knows, the cast shares some of their favorite qualities of their characters, and so much more! You can catch all of that and also watch the group play a round of "Random Questions" in the video interview at the top of this article.

In this fictionalized treatment of real-life events, we follow the career paths of two ambitious millennials. Kamal (Mena Massoud) is the son of immigrants who has landed a job as a special assistant to Toronto mayor Rob Ford (Damian Lewis). Only problem is, his populist boss has tallied up a large number of bad habits, including sexual harassment, substance abuse, and criticizing those who try to help him.

Bram (Ben Platt), after his stellar performance in journalism school, has gotten an entry-level job at The Record, where he hopes to do investigative journalism. But his snotty and elitist editor (Scott Speedman) has assigned him to "lists" articles touting such things as the best restaurants in town. When he does get a lead on some misbehavior by the mayor, his superior questions whether as an amateur he can handle the story. Bram persists but makes a big mistake. At this point, his editor (Jennifer Ehle), instead of encouraging him to keep trying, makes it clear she considers his new career over. 041b061a72


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