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This systematic review indicates that CKD poses a huge burden on the health system of South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal). This is not unusual considering the high prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in this region [44,45,46,47,48,49,50]. However, awareness on different non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension and CKD is very little among South Asian people and people usually do not seek health care until any sign or symptom of CKD appears [44, 45, 51]. In addition, people commonly prefer self-treatment or rely on informal and unqualified practitioners [52,53,54]. Like other LMICs, health system of South Asian countries are not prepared to combat the huge burden of NCDs [55]. Number human resources dedicated for prevention and treatment of kideny dieseases is also less and disproportonate in these countries [55]. Along with these, poor referral system prevailing in South Asian countries makes it difficult to detect CKD cases in early stage [56,57,58]. It is evident that untreated CKD is a risk factor for developing end stage renal disease (ESRD) and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) that are leading causes of death in LMICs [59,60,61,62]. CKD is also found to be associated with poor health-related quality of life and loss of productivity [63]. To combat the CKD related burden, prevention and early detection of the disease through low-cost community based screening programs is important especially in resource constrain settings of South Asian countries. It is also a timely need for pertinent stakeholders of these countries to perform advocacy in order to offer low cost kidney transplantation and dialysis facility for advanced stage CKD patients. Further research is warranted to identify actual burden of CKD among people of different age group, sex, ethnicity and geographical location as well as among underprivileged group of people residing in slums and rural areas.

We found 1072 resources for you..


The CCR1072-1G-8S+ is an extremely powerful router and had little difficulty in reaching full throughput once we were able to muster enough resources to load all of the links. As RouterOS continues to develop and moves into version 7, this router has the potential to be extremely disruptive to mainstream network vendors. At $3,000.00 USD list price, this router is ab absolute steal for the performance, 1U footprint and power consumption. Look for more and more of these to show up in data centers, ISPs and enterprises.

Studies on the conversion of whole-crop cereals into energy and valuable chemicals by the pyrolysis process show very promising future applications. Vispute [8] has found that pyrolysis fuel can be converted into industrial commodity chemical feedstocks using an integrated catalytic approach that combines hydro-processing with zeolite catalysis. Given the availability of biomass, pyrolysis oil and gas can be advantageous when compared with the less-reliable supply and fluctuating prices of petrol. Some areas which are rich in biomass resources could provide locally sourced biomass to produce pyrolysis oil and gas [9,10,11]. 041b061a72


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