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GitHub CLI Reaches 1.0 Status

The GitHub CLI command line tool has reached 1.0 release status. The tool is intended to help developers reduce context switching by allowing them to run their GitHub workflow from the terminal, from issues through releases.

GitHub CLI reaches 1.0 status

A 301 status code indicates permanent redirection. The URI you used to make the request has been superseded by the one specified in the Location header field. This and all future requests to this resource should be directed to the new URI.

A 302 or 307 status code indicates temporary redirection. The request should be repeated verbatim to the URI specified in the Location header field but clients should continue to use the original URI for future requests.

You can use the REST API to check your rate limit status without incurring a hit to the current limit. For more information, see "Rate limit." When possible, GitHub recommends using the x-ratelimit response headers instead to decrease load on the API.

Which fails since the beginning of 2022 because Github deprecated the unauthenticated git:// protocol ( -09-01-improving-git-protocol-security-github/). This request, which was retried several times, showed up only in one npm-log I stumbled upon by chance.

I have also fell into it.The symptom: hanging up with Checking installable status.The CPU usage was 3%, the memory allocation was a bit up and down 5Mb, and no network traffic, hdd write / read (as a normal package manager tries to resolve conflicts in dependencies)

Recommended solutions: Enable Report build status when you create or update a CodeBuild project. This option tells CodeBuild to report back the status when you trigger a build. For more information, see reportBuildStatus in the AWS CodeBuild API Reference.

Recommended solutions: To be able to report the build status to the source provider, the user associated with the source provider must have write access to the repo. If the user does not have write access, the build status cannot be updated. For more information, see Source provider access.

In this example we are only flipping the first two boot order items in the array, but we need to send the whole array, not just the modified section. You can see with the status command that we are changing specific array values.

Another quick solution that you can use to check that you are inside a Git repository is to run the git status command. This command will show the current state of the repository if the current folder is part of a Git repository.

Progress status is reported on the standard error streamby default when it is attached to a terminal, unless --quietis specified. This flag enables progress reporting even if notattached to a terminal, regardless of --quiet.

The network service, which is enabled by default, starts when the system boots. You manage the network service by using systemd commands, such as systemd-networkd, systemd-resolvd, and networkctl. You can check its status of the network service by running the following command:

Running networkctl with the status command displays information that looks like this; you can see there are active network links with IP addresses for not only the Ethernet connection but also a Docker container.

The kernel version of Photon OS in the full version is 4.4.8. The kernel version of in the OVA version is 4.4.8-esx. With the ESX version of the kernel, some services might not start. Run this command to check the overall status of services:

I'm trying to install tidyverse. It used to work fine on my computer, but this time it fails to install due to problems with "pillars" package. So I figured that I will install "pillars" separately. It seems to go just fine until it reaches the following error:

This hook takes 2 parameters: the upstream branch that the series was forked from, and the branch being rebased. The second parameter is empty when rebasing the current branch. To abort the rebase, exit with a non-zero status.

If multiple refs are pushed, returning a non-zero status from pre-receive aborts all of them. If you want to accept or reject branches on a case-by-case basis, you need to use the update hook instead.

By adding the concurrency and setting cancel-in-progress to true, github actions will search for a running process of the same group and stop it before starting a new one. How neat is that? Your devops team will LOVE you for it!

Hi Sara,The first thing I do is setup `workflow_call` as the trigger.Then, when I want to use this workflow, I use this line in any job:`uses: vonage/vivid-3/.github/workflows/_lint-and-build.yml@main`This tells the action to use the code inside `_lina-and-build.yml` from the branch `main`.In the example I use it here: reusable workflow usageHope this clarifies it ?

For example, imagine that the latest Stable version of VS Code is 1.8.0 and that during 1.9.0's development a new API is introduced and thus made available in the Insider release through version 1.9.0-insider. If you want to publish an extension version that benefits from this API, you should indicate a version dependency of ^1.9.0. Your new extension version will be installed only on VS Code >=1.9.0, which means all current Insider customers will get it, while the Stable ones will only get the update when Stable reaches 1.9.0.

Since the gh run list command has the job completion status as the first part of the string (e.g. completed, _inprogress, etc.), we are interested in the second which returns either failure or success:

Here we added an if condition that compares the $LAST_JOB_STATUS to the $THIS_JOB_STATUS variable. If both are different, we know that the status changed. Otherwise, the status is still like the former run.

Additionally, we use GitHub's mechanism to set step output variables using echo "::set-output name=changedState::true" or echo "::set-output name=changedState::false". This way, subsequent steps can check this and know if we have a changed status.

Here we added the package Example to the current project. In this example, we are using a fresh Julia installation, and this is our first time adding a package using Pkg. By default, Pkg clones Julia's General registry, and uses this registry to look up packages requested for inclusion in the current environment. The status update shows a short form of the package UUID to the left, then the package name, and the version. Since standard libraries (e.g. Test) are shipped with Julia, they do not have a version. The project status contains the packages you have added yourself, in this case, Example:

This issue might occur when you try to run a kubectl command in yourGKE cluster from a local environment. The command fails anddisplays an error message, usually with HTTP status code 401 (Unauthorized).

If a node has adequate resources but you still see the Does not have minimum availabilitymessage, check the Pod's status. If the status is SchedulingDisabled orCordoned status, the node cannot schedule new Pods. You can check the status of anode using the Google Cloud console or the kubectl command-line tool.

If aria2 receives "file not found" status from the remote HTTP/FTPservers NUM times without getting a single byte, then force thedownload to fail. Specify 0 to disable this option. This optionsis effective only when using HTTP/FTP servers. The number of retryattempt is counted toward --max-tries, so it should beconfigured too.

Specify share ratio. Seed completed torrents until share ratio reachesRATIO.You are strongly encouraged to specify equals or more than 1.0 here.Specify 0.0 if you intend to do seeding regardless of share ratio.If --seed-time option is specified along with this option, seeding ends whenat least one of the conditions is satisfied.Default: 1.0

This option changes the way Download Results is formatted. IfOPT is default, print GID, status, average download speed andpath/URI. If multiple files are involved, path/URI of firstrequested file is printed and remaining ones are omitted. If OPT isfull, print GID, status, average download speed, percentage ofprogress and path/URI. The percentage of progress and path/URI areprinted for each requested file in each row. If OPT is hide,Download Results is hidden.Default: default

This method removes the download denoted by gid (string). If the specifieddownload is in progress, it is first stopped. The status of the removeddownload becomes removed.This method returns GID of removed download.

This method pauses the download denoted by gid (string). The status ofpaused download becomes paused. If the download was active, the downloadis placed in the front of waiting queue. While the status is paused,the download is not started. To change status to waiting, use thearia2.unpause() method.This method returns GID of paused download.

This method returns the progress of the download denoted by gid (string).keys is an array of strings. If specified, the response contains only keysin the keys array. If keys is empty or omitted, the response contains allkeys. This is useful when you just want specific keys and avoid unnecessarytransfers.For example, aria2.tellStatus("2089b05ecca3d829", ["gid", "status"])returns the gid and status keys only. The response is a struct andcontains following keys. Values are strings.

If none of these methods offer you a solution, it is a good idea to contact your hosting provider. Before doing so, you can check the status of the servers: many hosting service providers will report the status of their servers via a status page or inform users via social media if a problem has occurred.

By posting build results to a REST end-point in Bitbucket Server, build servers can store and update the build status of a commit.Bitbucket Server keeps a running tally of which builds have passed and failed for each commit and displays build results in the UI.

Use the sacct command to check on the states of completed jobs. Show all your jobs in any state since midnight:sacct Show all jobs that failed since midnight sacct --state f Show all jobs that failed this monthsacct --state f --starttime 2015-07-01 Exit codes The completion status of a job is essentially the exit status of the jobscript with all the complications that entails. For example take the followingjob script: 041b061a72


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