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Quake 2 RTX: The Best Way to Download and Enjoy the Ray-Traced Revolution

Here you can download Quake II RTX, the legendary 1997 game with added real-time ray traced global illumination and reflections, dynamic direct and indirect lighting effects, mimicked physical material light reflection properties, and volumetric lighting effects.

It's time to make another dive back into classic FPS action, as Quake 2 RTX is now available to download and play for free. As one of the most revered shooter titles in video game history, Quake 2 was seen as a slick opportunity to showcase the power of ray tracing graphics. Now, anyone with access to an RTX enabled GPU can check out the technology's power without paying a dime.

download quake 2 rtx


As the popularity of ray traced graphics grow, so too will the influence of RTX. Quake 2 RTX is a great way for players to check out the technology in a form factor that's intimately familiar, and it's available to download and play right now for free through Steam as well as the Nvidia website. For the latest RTX coverage, stop by Shacknews' Nvidia RTX home page.

The mod, which can be downloaded from GitHub, has been developed by sultim-t, the same developer behind the amazing DOOM path tracing mod released a few months back. By default, the mod doesn't feature NVIDIA DLSS support, but it is possible to add it manually by following a very simple procedure.

music/02.ogg for music copied directly from a game CD;music/Track02.ogg for music from the version of Quake II downloaded from GOG.In the game, music playback is enabled when console variable ogg_enable is set to 1. Music volume is controlled by console varaible ogg_volume. Playback controls, such as selecting the track or putting it on pause, are available through the ogg command.

Unlike Quake, where hardware-accelerated graphics controllers were supported only with later patches, Quake II came with OpenGL support out of the box. Later downloads from id Software added support for AMD's 3DNow! instruction set for improved performance on their K6-2 processors, and Rendition released a native renderer for their V1000 graphics chip. The latest version is 3.21. This update includes numerous bug fixes and new levels designed for multiplayer deathmatch. Version 3.21, available as source code on id Software's FTP server, has no improved functionality over version 3.20 and is simply a slight modification to make compiling for Linux easier.

Since the release of the Quake II source code, several updates from third-party projects to the game engine have been created; the most prominent of these are projects focused on graphical enhancements to the game such as most notable "Yamagi Quake II", Quake2maX, EGL, Quake II Evolved, and KMQuake II. The source release also revealed numerous security flaws[15] which can result in remote compromise of both the Quake II client and server. As id Software no longer maintains Quake II, most third-party engines include fixes for these bugs. The unofficial patch 3.24 that fixes bugs and adds only meager tweaks is recommended for Quake II purists, as it is not intended to add new features or be an engine mod in its own right.[16] The most popular server-side engine modification for multiplayer, R1Q2, is generally recommended as a replacement for the 3.20 release for both clients and servers. In July 2003, Vertigo Software released a port of Quake II for the Microsoft .NET platform, using Managed C++, called Quake II .NET.[17] It became a poster application for the language, showcasing the powerful interoperability between .NET and standard C++ code. It remains one of the top downloads on the Visual C++ website. In May 2004, Bytonic Software released a port of Quake II (called Jake2) written in Java using JOGL. In 2010 Google ported Jake2 to HTML5, running in Safari and Chrome.[18]

If Doom Eternal with ray tracing isn't enough, though, then you can always play a hallmark id Software title, Quake 2. If you own the game, you can download Quake 2 RTX for free on Steam and experience the classic cornerstone of the FPS genre with the brand new, modern, next-gen lighting technique. It certainly adds a new visual flair to the 90s shooter.

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Though Yamagi Quake 2 is the cleanest port out there, comparable in nature to Ioquake3 today Thus we return to Graf's comment as i too would want to know. What exactly are you looking for?

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By good, I mean something that runs without problems in Windows 10 and runs quake 2 and it's mods/map packs that's all I need. Of course, without this weird issue with OpenGL that happens with Yamagi Q2

The free version of Quake II RTX includes three levels from the original shareware distribution, and is available to download right now on Steam and If you want access to the full game, you only need to drop 4 for the complete experience including multiplayer support.

Quake II RTX is available now. You can download it on Steam or on for free which includes the first three single-player levels. Gamers who already own or buy Quake II ($4.99 on Steam) can play the entire game, including multiplayer deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer modes. Be aware that if a non-RTX gamer connects to an RTX server, the game will crash if the flare gun is used.

Even if you do not have an RTX graphics card, you may still want to check out the source links as this proof-of-concept could be demonstrating some of what we will see in the future of games. If you do have an RTX card though, you can also download and try he game out for yourself.

The classic 1997 First Person Shooter Quake 2 is getting an official update thanks to Nvidia and id Software which will help demo real-time ray tracing. Known as Quake 2 RTX, the update will be available as a free download for Linux and Windows PC for those who own Quake 2 on June 6th.


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