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Jordan Wood

Where To Buy Virginia Ham =LINK=

The country ham is dry cured. Think of the dry curing process as similar to the process of dry-aging prime beef. First the ham is rubbed with salt and seasonings and hung to dry cure in a smoke house. These hams are aged anywhere from six months to a year or more. This curing process results in a meatier, more richly flavored, saltier ham. The time-intensive nature and rich flavor of the country ham makes it a favorite at holiday meals.

where to buy virginia ham


Earlier this week, Smithfield Foods received a $4.7 billion buyout offer from a Chinese food company. News that an agreement had been reached and was awaiting U.S. government approval sent a shiver through the community, where it is the largest employer with a payroll of nearly 4,000 people. Worldwide, Smithfield employs 46,000.

Smithfield Foods, which processed 27.7 million hogs in 2012, built its headquarters on a sprawling campus of colonial-style buildings on the Pagan River in the center of Smithfield. It is the cultural and economic heart of the town, which was founded in 1752. On the outskirts is a plant where hams are produced. 041b061a72


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