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When multiple regions overlap a single record, this option defines how to treat multipleannotation values when setting tag in the destination file: use the first encountered value ignoringthe rest (first); append allowing duplicates (append); append even if the appended value is missing,i.e. is a dot (append-missing); append discarding duplicate values (unique);sum the values (sum, numeric fields only); average the values (avg); use the minimum value (min) orthe maximum (max).+Note that this option is intended for use with BED or TAB-delimited annotation files only. Moreover,it is effective only when either REF and ALT or BEG and END --columns are present .+Multiple rules can be given either as a comma-separated list or giving the option multiple times.This is an experimental feature.

File: Sam. ...


The bcftools head command outputs VCF headers almost exactly as they appearin the input file: it may add a ##FILTER= header if not alreadypresent, but it never adds version or command line information itself.

Let's go ahead and create a new Lambda function that uses some NPM packages toperform a web scraping task. Create a new folder called quotes-scraper in yourproject directory and initialize it with a package.json file:

Chunks are stored in memory by default. When splitting large files, specify the parameter file: true to save thechunks into files in order to avoid an OutOfMemoryException. See the parameter table below for details. 041b061a72

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