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Patrulha Canina: As melhores músicas e vídeos para cantar e dançar junto

Patrulha Canina: The Ultimate Guide for Paw Patrol Fans

If you are a fan of Paw Patrol, or have a child who loves this animated series, you may have heard of Patrulha Canina. But what is Patrulha Canina exactly? And why is it so popular among kids and adults alike? In this guide, we will answer all your questions about Patrulha Canina, and show you how to watch it online, play its games, and buy its merchandise.

What is Patrulha Canina?

Patrulha Canina (IPA: /pa.ˈtɾu.ʎɐ ka.ˈni.nɐ/) is the Brazilian Portuguese-dubbed version of Paw Patrol. It is aired on Nickelodeon Brazil, Nick Jr. Brazil, TV Cultura, e-Paraná, TV Baiana, and TV Litoral Panorama. It follows the adventures of a boy named Ryder and his team of six rescue dogs (Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, and Everest) who use their skills and vehicles to protect their community from various threats. Patrulha Canina also features other characters, such as Mayor Goodway and her pet chicken Chickaletta, Mayor Humdinger and his mischievous kittens, and other friends and foes from Adventure Bay and beyond.

patrulha canina

The History of Patrulha Canina

Patrulha Canina is based on Paw Patrol, a Canadian animated series created by Keith Chapman, the creator of Bob the Builder. Paw Patrol premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States and TVOKids in Canada in August 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most popular children's shows in the world, airing in over 160 countries and winning several awards. Patrulha Canina debuted on Nickelodeon Brazil in November 2013, and has been a hit among Brazilian kids ever since. As of June 2023, Patrulha Canina has seven seasons and 182 episodes, with an eighth season and a theatrical movie in the works.

The Characters of Patrulha Canina

Patrulha Canina has a large and diverse cast of characters, each with their own personality, voice, and catchphrase. Here are some of the main ones:

Ryder and the Pups

  • Ryder: The leader of the PAW Patrol, a 10-year-old boy who is smart, brave, and kind. He is voiced by João Victor Granja in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "No job is too big, no pup is too small!"

  • Chase: A German shepherd who serves as a police and spy dog. He is loyal, courageous, and always ready for action. He is voiced by Yan Gesteira in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "Chase is on the case!"

  • Marshall: A Dalmatian who serves as a firefighter and medic. He is clumsy, funny, and always eager to help. He is voiced by Wirley Contaifer in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "I'm fired up!"

  • Skye: A cockapoo who serves as a pilot and air rescue dog. She is adventurous, fearless, and loves to fly. She is voiced by Pamella Rodrigues in Patrulha Canina. Her catchphrase is "Let's take to the sky!"

  • Rubble: A bulldog who serves as a construction and digging dog. He is strong, friendly, and loves to get dirty. He is voiced by Sérgio Cantú in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "Rubble on the double!"

  • Zuma: A chocolate Labrador retriever who serves as a water rescue dog. He is cool, calm, and loves to surf. He is voiced by Rodrigo Antas in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "Let's dive in!"

  • Rocky: A mixed-breed pup who serves as a recycling and handyman dog. He is resourceful, creative, and hates water. He is voiced by Charles Emmanuel in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "Don't lose it, reuse it!"

  • Everest: A Siberian husky who serves as a snow rescue dog. She is energetic, playful, and loves snowboarding. She is voiced by Bruna Laynes in Patrulha Canina. Her catchphrase is "Ice or snow, I'm ready to go!"

  • Tracker: A chihuahua who serves as a jungle rescue dog. He is bilingual, curious, and loves animals. He is voiced by Gustavo Pereira in Patrulha Canina. His catchphrase is "I'm all ears!"

Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta

Mayor Goodway: The mayor of Adventure Bay, a friendly and cheerful woman who loves her town and its people. She often needs the PAW Patrol's help with various problems or emergencies. She is voiced by Márcia Morelli in Patrulha Canina.

Chickaletta: Mayor Goodway's pet chicken, who is always by her side and often gets into trouble. She is voiced by Ana Lúcia Menezes in Patrulha Canina.

Mayor Humdinger and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew

Mayor Humdinger: The mayor of Foggy Bottom, a sneaky and selfish man who is always trying to outdo Mayor Goodway and the PAW Patrol. He is voiced by Mauro Ramos in Patrulha Canina.

Kitten Catastrophe Crew: Mayor Humdinger's team of six kittens (Cat Chase, Cat Marshall, Cat Skye, Cat Rubble, Cat Rocky, and Cat Zuma) who are dressed like the PAW Patrol pups and help him with his schemes. They are voiced by various actors in Patrulha Canina.

Other Friends and Foes

Patrulha Canina also features other characters who appear occasionally or regularly in the show, such as:

  • Alex Porter: A young boy who lives in Adventure Bay and is friends with the PAW Patrol. He is voiced by Matheus Caliano in Patrulha Canina.

  • Cap'n Turbot: A marine biologist and fisherman who lives in a lighthouse and knows a lot about the sea. He is voiced by Eduardo Drummond in Patrulha Canina.

  • Farmer Yumi: A farmer who lives on a farm near Adventure Bay and grows various crops and animals. She is voiced by Flávia Saddy in Patrulha Canina.

  • Wally: A friendly walrus who lives in the bay and often plays with the PAW Patrol. He is voiced by Guilherme Briggs in Patrulha Canina.

  • Sweetie: A spoiled and cunning pup who lives in Barkingburg Castle and tries to steal the royal crown. She is voiced by Mariana Torres in Patrulha Canina.

Why is Patrulha Canina so Popular?

Patrulha Canina has become one of the most beloved shows among children and parents alike, not only in Brazil, but around the world. But what makes Patrulha Canina so appealing and beneficial for its viewers? Here are some of the reasons:

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The Appeal of Patrulha Canina

Patrulha Canina has many elements that attract and entertain its audience, such as:

  • Cute and colorful characters: The PAW Patrol pups are adorable and have distinct personalities, looks, and abilities that make them easy to relate to and root for. They also have catchy names, voices, and catchphrases that make them memorable and fun.

  • Action-packed and humorous stories: Each episode of Patrulha Canina features a different problem or emergency that requires the PAW Patrol's help. The pups use their skills and gadgets to solve the situation, while also having fun and making jokes along the way. The stories are exciting, funny, and engaging for kids of all ages.

  • Inspiring and positive messages: Patrulha Canina teaches its viewers valuable lessons about teamwork, friendship, courage, kindness, responsibility, and more. The pups always work together, help each other, respect each other, and celebrate each other's achievements. They also show compassion and generosity to others, even to their enemies. The show encourages its viewers to be good citizens and friends, and to believe in themselves.

The Benefits of Patrulha Canina

Besides being entertaining, Patrulha Canina also has many benefits for its viewers' development, such as:

Educational Value

Patrulha Canina introduces its viewers to various topics and concepts that can stimulate their curiosity and learning, such as:

  • Science and technology: The show exposes its viewers to different fields of science, such as biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. It also shows how technology can be used for good purposes, such as saving lives, protecting the environment, exploring new places, etc.

Math and logic: The show helps its viewers develop their math and logic skills,


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