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Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox

[S4E1] The Silos

Set in a toxic, post-apocalyptic, world in the future, numerous lives can only thrive inside silos located thousand stories underground. The ones who step out of these gigantic structures, never come back, and the ones who are inside are shut in forever. Believing in the protocols set by certain authorities, the human communities who have been able to survive the unsaid horrors so far, have done so by following the rules set in place for them.

[S4E1] The Silos

The US government is investigating Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei over concerns that mobile towers in the country fitted with its gear could capture sensitive information from military bases and missile silos.

Mobile towers near US missile silos: Mobile towers in the US equipped with Huawei gear that are close to sensitive military and intelligence sites have become a particular concern for US authorities. 041b061a72


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