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Native Instruments Factory Library For KONTAKT 5.rar [NEW]

Arcane by Embertone is both a game and a sound library. Fully compatible with Kontakt Player, Arcane will require you to play a puzzle game before accessing its sounds. There are five instruments to unlock, and one bonus instrument is offered as a prize after all the puzzles have been solved. This bonus instrument is a beautiful alto vocal legato patch that is well worth unlocking.

Native Instruments Factory Library For KONTAKT 5.rar

Download Zip:

Believe it or not there are a handful of very useable orchestral instruments included in the Kontakt Factory Library. If you are a new media composer who is still developing their collection of high end virtual instruments or if you are just looking for some alternatives or additions to your tried and true palette of sounds then I recommend checking these out.

This library contains over 7500 factory presets for Omnisphere 2 that can be loaded and browsed directly using the Komplete Kontrol / Maschine software and hardware. All presets have been saved as NKS files which contains the Omnisphere preset information, tagging information and mapped controls. Sound previews are now also available for your library so you can hear what a preset sounds like before loading the instrument. Additionally, a Komplete Kontrol database file and plug-in artwork is also included to create entries in your User Library.

- New control template adds FX on/off controls (requires Omnisphere 2.4+)- Updated templates for Omnisphere Factory Libraries + Bob Moog Library- Improved and consolidated a lot of tagging between libraries- Removed some tags that do not apply to other instruments- Added automated tagging for Mode tags (long release, slow attack, glide, monophonic, granular)- Added NKS library version number to "properties" tab in NKS browser.

- Updated PDF manual to add some additional information and fix some busted links.Changes For Donor Version Only- Updated tag for Omnisphere library to [Library] to offer central sub library management for additional VSTs- Updated tag "Synth Arp" to "Arp/Sequence" for better integration with future preset packs such as Sylenth and other VSTs- Fixed a few mislabelled tags and some redundant tagging- Fixed some files tagged as "Bowed Strings" that were only Synth strings. Manually picked through files to tag actual VBowed instruments.- Added some Mode tags with more to be done as I dive more into using it all.

We currently do not provide any demo due to the security reasons mainly. However we have created a demo kit for the free PD Player containing 8 instruments from one of the factory library presets. The number of round robins is limited to 2 per dynamic layer though as a part of a demo limitation. But it gives you a basic understanding of what you get in the full version and you can try it out in your mix. Not to mention that you are able to get your self familiar with the PD mixer capabilities that is also incorporated in the PD Player. You can find the link to the demo kit as well as the PD Player itself on the following page:

DUNE 3 builds on the award-winning DUNE 2 synthesizer, adding frequently requestedfeatures and innovative ideas, to create the best DUNE experience ever!DUNE 3 comes with many new patches crafted by expert sound designers.Since DUNE 3 is fully patch-compatible with DUNE 2, it includes its presetsas well,doubling the factory library size to more than 1000 patches.The scalable user interface supports Full HD, as well as Retina displays on the Mac.

If there is no serial number included, then you purchased a full Kontakt retail (non-player) library that does not require activation. Simply load the .NKIs through the Kontakt file browser, or directly from the downloaded instruments folder. 076b4e4f54


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